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We understand that buying a home is one of the most significant decisions you will make. Not only is this often a family’s largest single investment, it is also an extremely important lifestyle decision. At Hussey Realty, we take the time to really listen to our clients to determine the type of home, price and location that best meets their unique vision and requirements.

Buying with Hussey Realty

After taking the time to truly understand your needs, your Hussey Realty agent will provide you with timely up-to-date home listings and arrange appointments to view desired properties. Your Hussey Realtor ® will discuss all market information relative to the particular property to make the most of your time with any viewings. We will follow up on any questions you may have to ensure you have all the information you need to make knowledgeable and informed decisions.

Once you’ve found your dream home, Hussey Realty prepares an Agreement of Purchase and Sale, ensuring that your best interest is protected. In the event that an initial  offer  to purchase is not accepted by a vendor, our familiarity with  property values and our proven negotiating skills can often result in an outcome that is acceptable to both the purchaser and the vendor.

Your Hussey Realty agent has the experience to make thoughtful recommendations regarding mortgage lenders, lawyers and other professionals on request, and will guide you in submitting all necessary documents to these individuals. Our attention to detail in the all-important final stages of your purchase ensures that all conditions of the offer are dealt with in the allotted time frame; a thorough and unhurried final inspection of the property occurs; and most importantly, that when we pass over the keys to you, the new homeowner, it is in celebration with no reservations about your decision.

A Hussey Realty Realtor ® can be contacted by calling 709-782-7709 or by e-mail at info@hussetrealty.com

Buying Tips

Knowledge is power when negotiating a home

  • Know the local market
  • Review recent property sales in the area
  • Check your credit rating to avoid any surprises when you decide on a home
  • Obtain a pre-approved mortgage before you start house hunting to narrow down your price range
  • ALWAYS hire a home inspector
  • Some jobs are meant to be done by professionals. Use trusted and experienced realtors, lawyers, mortgage and insurance brokers to provide you with reliable information and get you the best deal possible.

A big decision such as buying a home can too often rely on emotion, so make sure you consider the following to gain an accurate idea of the pros and cons:

  • What type of home are you looking for – single family, income generating, condominium, etc.?
  • Does your preferred location(s) easily fit your lifestyle?
  • Do you want a large property? Have you fallen in love with an older home? Consider how much ongoing maintenance you’re willing to do.
  • Is resale an important part of your decision?