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Hussey Realty’s trusted team of realtors will prove their value in many different ways as they guide you through the selling process. We build relationships with our clients to better understand their needs.

Whether we’re helping you achieve ‘top dollar’ for your property or simply negotiating an earlier closing date for our clients’ peace of mind, Hussey Realty is always looking out for you.

Selling with Hussey Realty

Market value is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay for a property and what a vendor is willing to accept. Variables that influence market value include a property’s location, condition, size, layout, shape, age, finishings and quality, as well as its neighbourhood and amenities in the area.

To market your property, your Hussey Realty agent will do a complete market evaluation to determine the appropriate listing price and obtain as much information as possible from you to allow us to promptly answer questions from prospective buyers. We will list your home on the MLS listing service to get every real estate agent in the area working for you; place a professional real estate sign on your property to attract attention from drive by traffic; and advertise your property in all key media ( including online) until sold.

Once your property is listed, we will hold open houses for the public and other agents as needed as well as facilitate appointments for prospective buyers to view your home. Upon receiving an offer, we will meet with you in the comfort of your home or in our office, at your convenience, to discuss the pros and cons of the offer and suggest how best to proceed. We will work diligently with all parties to negotiate an acceptable deal. Your Hussey Realty agent has the experience to make thoughtful recommendations regarding lawyers and other professionals on request, and will guide you in submitting all necessary documents to these individuals. Our attention to detail in the all-important final stages of selling ensures that all conditions in the contract are dealt with efficiently and we communicate with all parties to ensure a smooth closing.

Fill out Hussey Realty’s Home Evaluation Form and you will be contacted directly by one of our experienced realtors, who are always available to answer questions and give advice.

Selling Tips

  • Have realistic price expectations by reviewing recent property sales in the area
  • Declutter every room and stage your home with modern and stylish pieces to maximize its potential impact on buyers
  • Light renovations or updates in strategic areas of your home can create additional value with your listing
  • Tidy the lawn and garden for a good first impression
  • Some jobs are meant to be done by professionals. Use experienced realtors and lawyers you trust to provide you with reliable information and get you top dollar for your property.