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Neil’s Pond Estates

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Paradise is Atlantic Canada’s fastest-growing municipality and has the youngest average aged population in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Neil’s Pond neighbourhood offers water access, lots of green space and stunning pond views. Phase 3 is now 50% sold but there is still a good selection of lots available.

Neils Pond provides that relaxing and beautiful setting perfect for any family interested in a new home with natural surroundings.  Removed from the fast pace yet connected to the region in minutes, this family-friendly neighbourhood has everything on a home buyer’s wish list. The new subdivision of Neil’s Pond Estates features two-story, single family homes with attached garage starting at 1,600 square feet. With easy access to enjoy the neighbouring ponds, parks and Grand Concourse walking trails that link the region, homes are also close to amenities such as restaurants, supermarkets, banking, business centres and recreation facilities. Around the corner from Paradise Elementary School and a day care centre, Neil’s Pond Estates is only a short drive from the airport, Mount Pearl and downtown St. John’s.

Have you ever wanted to design a space around your exact needs? Plenty of new construction and custom home design options allow you to select your desired exterior, layout and finishings. Let us work with you to bring your dream to life.

Paradise, Neils Pond, hussey realty, Karwood, new construction, Mount Pearl, Avalon, for sale, real estate, realty, land development, Philip Power and Son,
Civic Address Status Price Lot Size Description Survey/ Listing
8 Mary Anne Place Sold $189,900
Lge pie shaped lot with a walk-out basement
10 Mary Anne Place Sold $159,900
8 Yellow Wood Dr. Sold $126,900
Level corner lot with access to Mary Anne PLace
16 Yellow Wood Dr. Sold $152,900
9 Yellow Wood Drive Sold $97,900
Rectangular lot that grades up as you go from front to back. Back...
27 Yellow Wood Drive Available $127,900 Large corner lot with potential for second driveway
Civic Address Status Price Lot Size Description Survey/ Listing
2 Eider Place Available $131,400
8099 sq. ft.
Large corner lot that offrs the potrntial of a second driveway off...
3 Eider Place Sold $126,400
Grade entry with walk out basement. See survey for dimensions
4 Eider Place Sold $113,000
Backing on a green space the back deck is practically level with the...
5 Eider Place Hold $126,400 Grade entry lot with walk out basement. See survey for dimensions
6 Eider Place Available $113,400
Backing on a green space the this lot accommodates a split entry or...
7 Eider Place Sold $117,400
A grade level entry at front with a walk-out basement door at the...
9 Eider Place Sold $119,000
Grade level entry at the front with walk out basement door onto the...
11 Eider Place Sold $117,000
Grade level entry at the front with a walk out basement door to the...
12 Eider Place Sold $117,400
Lot backs on green space with the back deck practically level with...
13 Eider Place Sold $117,400
Lot can accommodate a grade level entry house and offers a walk-out...
14 Eider Place Available $122,400
Deep lot backing on a green space with the back decl practically...
15 Eider Place Sold $497,940
712 sq meters
Spacious two storey house with pond view! Open concept kitchen,... 15 Eider Pl
16 Eider Place Sold $123,400
17 Eider Place Sold $131,400
Large wide lot with grade level entry at front and walkout basement...
18 Eider Place Available $124,900
Large pie shaped lot backing on a green space
19 Eider Place Hold $133,900
Large pie shaped lot with grade entry at front with walk out basement...
20 Eider Place Available $132,900
Large pie shaped lot with grade entry at the front and a walk out...
21 Eider Place Available $133,400
Large pie shaped lot with grade level front entry and walk out...
22 Eider Place Available $133,400
Large pie shaped lot at the end of the cul-de-sac
4 Merganser Ave Sold $389,900
474 SQ M
Stunning split entry home with a spacious in house garage, under... 21 Yellow Wood Drive, Paradise, CBS, Avalon, Neils Pond, NL - Hussey Realty, Real Estate
4 Merganser Avenue Sold $102,900
Rectangular lot with sun setting in backyard
8 Merganser Avenue Sold $101,400
This lot gives you sun on the back deck in the afternoon and evening.
12 Merganser Avenue Sold $99,900
Western exposure with sun on the back deck in afternoon and evening.
Civic Address Status Price Lot Size Description Survey/ Listing
34 Yellow Wood Dr. Sold $178,900
867 sq.m
36 Yellow Wood Dr. Sold $585,435
905 sq.m
Under construction by Philip Power & Son is this beautiful two... 36 Yellow Wood Dr.
37 Yellow Wood Dr. Available $129,900
703 SQ M
38 Yellow Wood Dr. Sold $173,900
872.3 sq.m
39 Yellow Wood Dr. Model $117,500
579.6 sq.m
40 Yellow Wood Dr. Sold $179,900
892.1 sq.m
41 Yellow Wood Dr. Available $119,500
625.5 sq.m
42 Yellow Wood Dr. Sold $163,900
718.1 sq.m
43 Yellow Wood Dr. Available $121,500
643.8 sq.m
44 Yellow Wood Dr. Sold $171,900
726.4 sq.m
45 Yellow Wood Dr. Available $124,500
676.2 sq.m
46 Yellow Wood Dr. Sold $160,900
652.1 sq.m
47 Yellow Wood Dr. Sold $129,900
731.7 sq.m
48 Yellow Wood Dr. Sold $173,900
746.3 sq.m
49 Yellow Wood Dr. Hold $139,500
712.2 sq.m
39 Yellow Wood Dr., Paradise, NL New Price $379,900
54 x 118 x 60 x 107
Ready for IMMEDITE OCCUPANCY!! OPEN HOUSE Mon & Wed 2 - 4... 39 Yellow Wood, Neils Pond, Paradise, Hussey Realty, Philip Power and Son, Gary Pike.

Strong relationships define the Hussey Realty brand. Hussey Realty partners with the best local builders to ensure each home in Neils Pond Estates is of the highest quality and built to last. New construction home warranties provide peace of mind for the homeowner. Our builders can satisfy any client wish list!

Q: Can I bring in my own plans?
A: You can certainly bring in your own plans.  We will provide you with an estimate based on those plans and our experience.  If that price is within your budget we will move forward together to select a lot that best suits your home.

Q: Can you provide options if I am uncertain about any aspect of my house plans?
A: Part of the building process includes assisting you in designing your new house. This is what we do! We will schedule meetings with you until you are confident that the final plans are what you are looking for.

Q: Can I hold a lot?
A: You can hold a lot for as little as $1,500. This holding deposit is fully refundable up to the point where drawings are requested. The terms and conditions of the holding deposit will be fully explained before you pay the $1,500.

Q: Who pays for my plans?
A: The cost of your house plans are included in the price of you house.

Q: Are there any other ‘Up Front’ costs?
A: A minimum initial downpayment of $15,000 is required before construction begins. This amount will include the $1,500 already paid as a lot holding deposit. This amount is not paid until the drawings are completed and the final price is provided and agreed upon. Once this downpayment is made construction will begin. This initial downpayment will be considered part of you total financing package with the bank and as such will be considered as part of your overall downpayment.

Q: Who are the builders? What is their experience?
A: Hussey Realty is proud to use Philip Power and Son as their primary builder.  They have been building new homes for over 20 years with the last 15 years as a builder with Hussey Realty. They have proven track records and can provide references if requested. .

Q: Do your homes come with a home warranty?
A: All builders working with Hussey Realty offer a 7 year Atlantic Home Warranty Program. Details of the Warranty can be found at  http://ahwp.org/  .

Q: How long will my home take to build?
A: It usually takes approximately 6 months from the time the permit is drawn until your new home is complete and an occupancy permit is issued. There are many factors that can influence this time frame and our builder will do everything possible to complete your house in a timely manner.

Q: Can I build a fence, or put up a close line on my new property?
A: This is your property and you will not be restricted by the development if you want to erect a fence, garage, clothesline etc. It is suggested you refer to the municipal bylaws before you biuld.

Q: Can I buy a lot and build my own house?
A: Unfortunately, no. The subdivisions marketed by Hussey Realty provide turnkey packages only.

Q: Can I add special features to my home; like a wine cellar, hot tub, finished basement, custom deck or landscaping?
A: We are here to help you build your dream home and are more than happy to quote you on your special requirements. The added benefit is that these features can be added to the price of your home and therefore be financed in your mortgage.

Q: Are there any restrictions to the home styles that can be built?
A: Building restrictions vary between subdivisions. We suggest that you contact a Hussey Realty representative for complete subdivision guidelines.

Q: What landscaping is included with my home?
A: There are allowances included in the cost of your home to cover the front lawn and the double paved driveway. Some of our builders prefer to refund the allowance amount for lawn and pavement on closing thus allowing the new homeowner to complete these items themselves. Also, the time of the year when you take occupancy will dictate whether or not your lawn and pavement will be completed.

Q: Who do I contact if I want more information?
For additional information feel free to call Hussey Realty at 709-782-7709 or e-mail us at info@husseyrealty.com.